Aio is Latin for "I speak."

We're a company that offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, foreign language and culture training, and business communication courses. We work with our students and clients to make goal-oriented programs suited to their needs.

Whether you're learning for work, school, or personal enrichment, Aio can help you learn to communicate effectively.

The Aio Difference

Aio's programs are based on language learning methods that are highly interactive, immersive, and fun. In our courses, students have an active role in task-based and communicative learning. Class schedules are flexible- class times can be arranged to work around your schedule and lessons can be held at the centre, or at your home or office.

The Aio Difference

Our teachers are trained to be responsive and to encourage their students to practice often. We keep our class sizes small, and use a broad range of up-to-date materials to ensure that learning goals are met, and exposure to the target language is maximised.
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